At CRT First Aid we understand that selecting a first aid training provider can be a bit of a minefield. There are so many companies out there offering courses it is difficult to know who to choose and whether they are skilled enough to provide you with the training you require in an effective teaching manner. That is why we have put together this page to tell you more about us as a company, our values and give you a bit of an insight into what you get when you select CRT First Aid.

High quality, engaging courses

Fully accredited qualifications

Experienced, quality trainers

Excellent value for money

Scenario based training

Over 10 years experience

Proven track record

Tailored to your requirements

Our instructors are all operational medics who have a passion and talent for education, a rare combination. The experience they have from actually working in the field is invaluable. We challenge you to find a question about first aid that they can’t answer. Our staff maintain and improve their subject skill base at every opportunity and are regularly monitored in their role for CPD. As a result you can be assured that the quality of the course you receive from CRT is second to none.

We are committed to forming strong relationships with our clients in the hope that we will become your go to company for your first aid training requirements, we provide a personal approach to our clients training needs for themselves and their employees.
Our courses are full of interaction and humour and have a 'No Boredom Guarantee' – we believe that people learn best when they are fully engaged and enjoying themselves – you won’t find yourself drifting off during one of our courses.

The content of our courses is specifically designed and adapted to ensure that we cover the requirements whilst making it relevant to your own industry. We are firm believers that people learn better when they can see how a specific scenario could easily happen to them therefore our courses are very practical and ‘hands on’ based on real world scenarios.

Our course resources are absolutely fantastic these enable us to make your learning experience memorable and effective. With our extremely realistic make up, props and actors you will forget you are partaking in a course and be swept up in the scenario ensuring you experience first aid from the front line not simply from a PowerPoint demo.
What better way to check us out than to read and listen to what those that have experienced our courses have to say about us. Our dedicated testimonials page will give you a good insight into some of the experiences and views our existing customers have of us. We pride ourselves on the quality and enjoyability of our courses and we are proud that this shines through in the positive feedback that we receive.
We offer a range of flexible qualifications that are widely recognised. We will work with you from the outset to ensure that the courses you take with us are suitable for your requirements. Our team are extremely experienced and knowledgeable and will be able to advise you if you are unsure as to your exact requirements – simply call us or drop us an email.

Our courses are accepted by organisations like - ML, SPA, BCU, RYA, SMBLT, NRW, FC and workplaces around the country
We pride ourselves on the quality and standard of the courses and resulting qualifications that we provide. We work extremely hard to ensure that we achieve and maintain these standards at all times.

All of our instructors have formal teaching and assessment qualifications as well as real experience working in the first aid field.

At CRT we have a stringent IQA policy which exceeds that required of external awarding bodies so you can be assured that the quality of course you will receive from CRT will be excellent.

As a centre for several Ofqual approved awarding bodies including Edexcel and Highfields ABC we undertake several external quality inspections – we are proud to be able to state that we have always passed with flying colours

Customer Testimonials


Roger Moore

Bespoke EFAW Course

We are very grateful for CRT Medical to run these first aid courses for the office and also in the field. We send a lot of our staff out in the field to construction sites and it is good for us to know that our staff are prepared to administer first aid should the situation arise. The course that CRT have put together for us is bespoke so it covers the EFAW standard office first aid training but also field training in mountains and on sites and so forth. It’s an excellent course, it has been running for 3 or more years now, we run it twice a year. The feedback from our staff has always been excellent and we are very grateful.


Neil Poole

UK MFAC Night Exercise

Hi, my name is Neil Poole and I’ve done two of these courses now. I find them very beneficial, the fact of the  use of practical work and the scenario work with very realistic injuries build confidence quite quickly.  The courses are generally quite relaxed and enjoyable. There’s not many big words used in the theory side of it so it makes people feel as ease and it’s very relevant to line of work we do. I would recommend it to a lot of people. If possible I would go on the three day because the night exercises that you do are brilliant and Karen will feed you till you can eat anymore.


John Breen

UK MFAC Night Exercise

Hi, how you doing? This is my third time at the CRT Medical and I’ve had a great great time on all of the courses.  I found it’s really good because it helps you to relate back to the sports you do. I do several sports like kayaking, mountain biking and walking mainly and you can relate it to those sports, it’s brilliant. They look after you, the food, which helps you because they cook for you, so you can just focus on doing all of the practical stuff and the practical stuff really helps you relate because rather than sitting in the classroom you’re out playing in the woods and having a lot of fun.

If you have any questions about any of our courses, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 310 16 16 or Contact Us