For a number of years we have been regularly holding weekend and multi-day interest courses for medical students from around the UK at our Mid Wales venue. Over a two and a half day course, the students are encouraged to think outside of the hospital and get opportunities to practice advanced skills and see how casualty care occurs when the patient is not in a warm bed.

They get to take control of serious incidents, practise advanced and improvised techniques and deal with the challenges of the outdoor world. This is a fantastic opportunity to get a head start on casualty care and various procedures and open your eyes to one of the exciting areas of modern medicine and entertain you.

First Aid Training Courses

Available Courses

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None currently available.

Group Bookings Available! If you wish to make a group booking or to discuss tailoring this course to your requirements, please get in touch! Contact Us

Course Information

What the Course Covers

Incident Management

Wilderness Vs Urban Medicine

Primary & Secondary Survey

Airway Issues, Airway Management and Choking

Breathing Issues & CPR

Severe Bleeding & Catastrophic

Haemorrhage Advanced Techniques

Expedition Medical Kits and its Creative Uses

Long Term Casualty Care

Guest Speakers

Shock and Treatment

Traumatic Injury

Common Illness

Spine and Neuro Assessment

Numerous Casualty Exercises

Introduction to Invasive Techniques

Various Outdoor Challenges

Speciality Subjects like Dive and Altitude Medicine

Evacuation and Rescue Procedures

Wilderness Skills

Managing Symptoms

Who Is This Course For?

This course is exclusive to Medical Students who are interested in wilderness medicine

How Long Does the Course Last?

Varying options but often 2.5 days

Where is The Course Held?

Mid Wales

What Qualification Is Provided?

Mountain Medical Student Certificate

Various first aid awards available

How Is the Course Assessed?

Instructor Assessed

What Is Included With the Course?

All Training & Materials

All accommodation and food

Lots of casualty time

Lots of Laughter

Further Information

Few things are more exhilarating, frightening or rewarding than look after a critical casualty whilst days from help with only the kit on your back. Our military, rescue and expedition medics have carefully constructed an eye opening adventure for those who want more from medicine. Explore this fascinating and increasingly popular aspect to modern medicine in a series of realistic and challenging situations.

Our team introduce the means and needs of advanced and invasive techniques, kit improvisation, wilderness skills and casualty management when your greatest (and sometimes only resource) is your head. With various outdoor challenges, plenty of casualty time both in daylight and dark you can be sure to leave this incredible experience tired but motivated for more.

Our team can tailor the exact nature and duration of this event with your wants in mind or keep you guessing, either way they will share their passion and experience for treating people the hard way.

Contact our team for prices, discounts and options.

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