Who we are

At CRT Medical it is our goal to provide you with an excellent, comprehensive training course that teaches you the essential first aid skills that you require whilst also ensuring you have fun along the way. Thanks to our dynamic team and the nature of our training, our courses are designed to teach you with exciting, real life scenarios – we are not your typical powerpoint, classroom based, boring instructors! how to sign in to https://iqoption.co.uk in UK

We are passionate about what we do and want you to feel the same way. Whatever your requirement our extensive range of first aid training courses have been specifically designed to ensure you learn everything you need to know in the most effective way possible – whilst enjoying yourself.

Our Current Courses

Workplace First Aid


FPOS First Aid Training

First Person on Scene

Outdoor First Aid Training


Baby and Child First Aid Training


Healthcare Professionals First Aid Training

Healthcare Professionals

Casualty Simulation First Aid Training

Casualty Simulation

Additional First Aid Training

Additional Courses

Bespoke First Aid Training

Bespoke Courses

If you have any questions about any of our courses, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 310 16 16 or Contact Us