This course is the nationally recognised First Person on Scene qualification, an Edexcel BTEC award, which is the training course undertaken by Community First Responders who wish to volunteer for the UK NHS Ambulance Trusts. This course is the Intermediate Level and it is expected that individuals attending this course will have previous first aid training.

First Aid Training Courses

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Course Information

What the Course Covers

Incident Management

Primary Survey

Secondary Survey

Airway, suction, basic airway adjuncts


Oxygen Administration


AED (Defibrillator)

Severe Bleeding


Spine Injury

Helmets & PPE

Head Injury

Common Illness

Fractures, Dislocations & Sprains

Hot and Cold Injury

Assisting the Paramedic

Evacuation and Casualty Handling

Difficult Casualties

Casualty Simulations

Who Is This Course For?

Communtiy First Responders

People in higher risk environments

How Long Does the Course Last?

4 Days (Additional days for further skills)

Where is The Course Held?

Mid Wales

Can be residential

What Qualification Is Provided?


How Is the Course Assessed?

Practical Assessments

Theory Papers

What Is Included With the Course?

Food & Accommodation

All Training

Course Specific Handbook

All Teaching Materials

Course Resources

Lots of Laughter

Tailor your FPOS Course

The FPOS course can be specifically tailored to your unique operating environment. Please speak to us to discuss your requirements further. Some examples of popular options that we offer are as follows:

Using the FPOS to underpin this training we add an extra one or two days (subject to your requirements) to include additional skills that are fundamental to working in tactical, military or similar environments. Additional training includes haemostatics, tourniquets, chest seals, issues with evacuation, wound management and more. Our team have taught skills to tactical firearms units, military staff and humanitarian aid workers so you can be confident that the quality of training you receive will be exceptional. This course is challenging, exciting and very hands on.

The scenarios and context for this course is sports care based from start to finish however we include an additional day of training that handles sport specific issues such as strapping and taping, sports injury management and wound treatment. This course includes Entonox Gas administration for pain relief.

This course follows the FPOS qualification but adds an additional day to specifically cover childhood injury and illness. You will further develop your skills in providing oxygen administration and support to children, understand anatomical and physiological issues, common childhood illness and common childhood injury. This course will provide a higher level of confidence in treating people of all ages.

Our FPOS Courses

FPOS Basic First Aid

FPOS Basic

FPOS Intermediate First Aid

FPOS Intermediate

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