FAST1 Intraosseous Infusion System is a sternal intraosseous device specifically developed for emergency personnel. Our course will provide you with the training required to confidently use the FAST1 system should it be required in an emergency situation. The system provides the critical ability to quickly establish vascular access, and rapidly and easily deliver emergency fluids and medications into the vascular system through the bone marrow of the manubrium. FAST1 can be effectively used during CPR and when a cervical spine collar is in place. We are fully qualified to provide training in this specialist yet crucial area.

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Course Information

What the Course Covers

Intraosseous overview

FAST Vs other IO techniques

FAST equipment

FAST procedure and safe use

Practical training

Food for thought

Who Is This Course For?

Professionals who provide advanced pre-hospital care and require immeidate acces for fluid and drug rescucitation.

Professionals who wish to train their colleagues in use of the FAST IO system.

How Long Does the Course Last?

Usually four hours or more

Course Location

Mid Wales

Your site

What Qualification Is Provided?

Certificate showing completion of FAST training and Certificate as a FAST trainer

How Is the Course Assessed?

Instructor Assessed

What Is Included With the Course?

All Training & Materials

Course Specific References

Light Refreshments (subject to venue)

Lots of Laughter

Further Information

This course is highly practical in nature and will successfully leave participants competent to use the FAST device to provide immediate Intraosseous access. The training can be tailored to your venue, clinical and group requirements. All participants will recieve a certificate of attendance and completion for their CDP records.

This course can be ‘bolted on’ to other training – ask for details.

This course can be held for a group at your own workplace and discounts apply – contact our team for details.

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