CRT prides itself on working closely with its clients with a friendly and approachable team who will assist you throughout the booking process and answer all your questions. We aim to keep the organisation of your training as stress-free as possible so that you, or your staff, simply need to worry about turning up at the right place, at the right time bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. We have however, compiled here some general information to common questions that may cross your mind as you browse our website.


Funding may be available to you for some of our courses. Ministry of Defence funding may be available to you if you are serving forces personnel - you have a budget available for the MOD for annual training and personal development. Some LEA and charitable funding may also be available for non-military personnel and will generally be available from them direct. Our team will be willing to help you find funding wherever possible - please call us.
Our team are fully insured - we hold insurance including public liability and medical negligence. We are insured to teach and provide event cover. We have never had to make a claim.
As a rule our courses are available to anyone regardless of experience. Two notable exceptions are: 1. HSE FAW Requalifier - as per HSE rules this is only available to those who already have a current FAW certificate. 2. Mountain Medical Student - Generally this is only available to med students of year two and above.
Most certificates remain valid for three years though there are some exceptions due to industry policies and professional responsibility, notably that an AED (Defibrillator) certificate remains valid for one year. Workplace courses remain valid for three years though the HSE recommend that those holding the EFAW and FAW qualifications undertake some form of annual refreshment. Every certificate we issue has a start and expiry date, information on qualification duration is shown on our course pages and of course you can call us with questions. We'll also do our best to remind you when your qualification gets near to expiration.
We are pleased to offer discounts where possible, as a rule we discount for groups who book bespoke courses, friends/organisations that send several people on the same or separate courses and to members of certain organisations such as: BMC, MOD, NUS, Rescue Volunteers The discounts may be in the form of a percentage off the price or a free part of the course or training.
All of our courses are assessed in some form. Some are continually assessed by the instructor throughout the training - others are assessed more formally with practical assessments and written papers. We believe that assessment is important to not only prove competency to those who observe you but also to provide confidence in your own capability. All of our assessments are carried out in a relaxed atmosphere and with support for those who may be a little nervous. You will NEVER be tested on issues that have not been fully taught and prepared. Our instructors are all experienced assessors who meet the current industry requirements.
In every case the qualification that you earn begins on the day of the final assessment or the end of the course. We will be happy to immediately provide a paper or email letter to prove you hold the new qualification until the certificate arrives - please call our team if you have further questions about this. A hard copy of your (or your staff’s) certificate(s) will be posted to you within 7 working days unless an Awarding Body underpinning your specific qualification requires more time. An e-copy can also be e-mailed on request or in replacement for lost hard-copies.

Outdoor Course Questions

When you book onto an outdoor first aid course you will receive an advised packing list and may vary slightly by course. However they contain items generally necessary for outdoor living such as: Sturdy Outdoor Footwear, Full Waterproofs, Warm Clothing, Hat and Gloves, Suncream, Sunglasses, Insect Repellent, Torch, Sleeping Bag, Waterbottle, Small Daysack, Toiletries, Basic Note Taking Stationary.
We haven open workplace courses that are listed on the course dates page of this website. Generally these will be in Mid Wales at Aberystwyth, Cardiff, Shrewsbury or Chester. Our open outdoor courses are available in Mid Wales and the Peak District. For bespoke training we will consider going anywhere - we've held training in places like Turkey, London, Scotland and Canada.
Obviously our outdoor courses take place in rural area and a large proportion of the training is outside - a reasonable state of general health will help with this however these are educational courses designed to teach you skills not run you ragged. We have an equal opportunities policy however some courses, workplace and outdoor, may have requirements that are unsuitable for some less able people - such as being capable of reaching a casualty on the floor or rolling them over. If you have any concerns please call our team
Yes, we provide discounts for BMC members and other individuals and groups. This may be in the form of a percentage off the price or free elements of the training/resources or accommodation. You will find the discount rate on the course information pages on this site or by speaking to our team.
Our outdoor courses satisfy most NGB requirements for outdoor instructors. These include ML, SPA, WGL, BCU, WCA, RYA, SMBLT, BASI amongst others. This is because of our course duration, content, assessment and the fact that we are an Ofqual-accredited centre. If you don't see the NGB listed please contact us for advice.
Most outdoor first aid providers do not include food and accommodation in the price - we do. This costs us extra more than it costs you however we choose to include it because it greatly improves the experience. Having everyone living on site means everyone remains for the duration of training, provides opportunity to include additional extras if the group ask, ensures you are focused on the course and not picking up the kids. It also gives us the time and flexibility to include exercises, simulations including first aid at night. Not to mention saving you the hassle and cost of getting accommodation near our training venues. Food is prepared freshly on site by our cook, it is nutritious, tasty and plentiful - we cater for all dietary requirements (as long as you tell us before you arrive!)

Workplace Course Questions

The number of first aiders required in each workplace depends upon the number of staff present and the risks associated with your working environment as directed in the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. You need to account for shifts, staff illness or holidays and staff who work away from the main site when assessing your first aid responsibilities. While your obligations under the regulations as an employer are directed towards your staff a responsible employer will also consider external visitors to the site, such as customers, when establishing a first plan. Our staff will be happy to offer advice to you about your specific requirements or you can view information direct from the HSE website here:

HSE Guide to Regulations
HSE Guide to First Aid at Work Leaflet
HSE Online Tool to help you assess your workplace needs
Your certificate will have the expiry date printed on it, the course information pages on this website also show the certificate duration. Additionally we will do our best to contact you when your certificate is near to expiry so that you can renew it if necessary.
As a rule, we will not teach more than twelve people per instructor. However as long as the venue and teaching aids are suitable we can always use multiple instructors. We have a history of teaching large groups WITHOUT COMPROMISING TRAINING EFFECTIVENESS - even up to 68 on the same day!
Yes, very - we do not believe in death by powerpoint. Ultimately first aid is a practical skill and therefore every course that we run has a massive emphasis on practical training and this is something our clients are continually providing excellent feedback for. Obviously a few lessons need to be theoretical but our instructors find exercises and means of keeping these lessons interactive and entertaining. Most multi day courses even include casualty simulation!
When we hold casualty simulations at your site we guarantee to leave the premises as we find it. We will remove delicate/expendable items prior to the start and replace them immediately at the end. We leave no rubbish, no stains, no damage - you would not know we have been there.
Always. We guarantee that whether you pick a standard course or a bespoke programme our training team will do their utmost to include any relevant issues specific to the client and their environments. The vast medical and operational backgrounds of our team make this possible.
We regularly hold training at a clients own site even as far away as Turkey although due to venue requirements this more commonly for the non-outdoor course types. Generally our only requirements are that the venue are safe, comfortable and suitable for the group size as we bring all our training materials with us. Please contact our team to discuss your requirements.
CRT Medical is an Ofqual-registered centre through Highfields ABC and Pearson Edexcel. This means that we can deliver the QCF framework Workplace courses and other accredited courses. Being an Ofqual-registered centre also provides you the reassurance that we maintain the professional standards of our industry. (See more in Why Use CRT)

If you have any questions about any of our courses, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 310 16 16 or Contact Us