Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) is one of our most popular courses. It is particularly suitable for nominated emergency first aiders or anyone who requires a single day comprehensive first aid course. We can adapt the course as required to ensure it is specific to your operating environment and ensure that the course content is completely relevant to your audience. Like all our courses our EFAW course is designed to ensure you are provided with the highest quality training through a mixture of theoretical and practical teaching.

Thanks to our excellent team of actors, we make sure that you get hands on experience through true to life scenarios so that by the time you have completed the course you are confident and fully prepared for any emergency first aid situation you may face in the future.

First Aid Training Courses

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Course Information

What the Course Covers

Basic Incident Management

Duties of a Workplace First Aider and Equipment

Primary and Secondary Survey

Airway Issues and Choking

Breathing Issues and CPR

Severe Bleeding


Traumatic Injury

Common Illness

Spine Injury Awareness

After Incident Procedure

Practical Sessions

Who is this Course For?

Employees with Low Risk Working Environments

EFAW can Also be Suitable for Worksites with Low Number of Staffing

How Long Does the Course Last?

One Day (6 hours training time)

Where is the Course Held?

Mid Wales

Your UK Workplace

How is the Course Assessed?

Instructor Assessed

What Qualification is Provided?

Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate Level 1

QCF also Available

What is Included with the Course?

All Training and Materials

Light Refreshments

Course Specific Handbook

Lots of Laughter

Tailor your EFAW Course

The EFAW course can be specifically tailored to your unique operating environment, please speak to us to discuss your requirements further.

Some examples of popular options that we offer are as follows:

The Emergency First Aid at Work qualification can be chosen in conjunction with that of AED (Defibrillator) training for those workplaces who have, or intend to have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on site. The EFAW course occurs much as normal, with our instructors then including the relevant knowledge and skills to enable the participants to confidently demonstrate correct use of an AED within a resuscitation scenario. The benefit of tying these courses together when booking means you save time spent in training and money – our clients usually find it creates a better, more focused educational experience for their team. For further details of our AED course please click here.

The EFAW course can be adapted to train employees working with schools or educational environments. The focus of the course is altered to focus on the educational environment, the course duration is extended by an hour to allow for expanded content which includes:

Paediatric First Aid Busting
School First Aid Myths
Specific School Policy

The EFAW + Forestry course is tailored to provide emergency first aid training to individuals working within a forestry environment. We have a wealth of experience in this area having trained many forestry workers including the staff working for the Forestry Commission Wales with excellent feedback, therefore you can be sure that if you decide to let us handle your training you will be receiving the best quality service.

An Emergency First Aid at Work course that is tailored specifically for those involved in sport, professionally or in recreation. Our team are all operational medics and have extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of sporting incidents – for one client alone we have provided over 1800 pitch side treatments in recent years! While the course covers the HSE required syllabus and duration we are then able to include relevant topics and skills that will compliment your general first aid training, this can include; additional focus on head, spine and neck injury, sports taping, sports injury management, minor injuries including cuts, grazes and blisters, additional focus on soft and hard tissue issues. This extra information can be available as a few extra hours or as a full day’s activity – we can also modulise this course to coincide with weekly training sessions for sports clubs.

As one of the UK’s more risky industries we are happy to spend more time with your team covering those additional first aid skills that might be needed due to the working environment. In addition to the main syllabus we spend additional time on the subjects that we, or your risk assessments, feel would greatly benefit the safety of your staff. Whether its specifically including practical’s demonstrating how to treat concrete dust in the eyes, electrocution, crush injury or common injuries to hands we can ensure your staff are much better prepared.

The EFAW for drivers takes the Emergency First Aid at Work course and adapts it to provide training for individuals involved in driving for a living, the course takes into account particular scenarios and risks that they may come across over and above that of a standard working environment.

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