If you want your group to refresh their first aid knowledge but they can’t face a day in the classroom then why not invite us round to your place for a unique opportunity? In as little as two hours out of your working day our team can provide unexpected simulations that relate to your organisation, refresh your teams basic life support skills and provides a certificate of participation. We can supply all of this often for less than half the cost of a typical first aid course.

Our casualty simulation courses are second to none. We pride ourselves on the effort we put in to the simulations we create to make them as realistic as possible. A well conducted simulation on any scale will provide the students with a huge benefit to their training, the experience of adrenaline, pressure and ‘real’ injuries in a controlled environment helps to perfect technique, reduce panic and develop confidence. It is also great fun and provides a different experience to “death by PowerPoint”.

First Aid Training Courses

Our CASSIM are carefully designed and tailored to the requirements of you and your team. The way we incorporate simulation training depends purely upon your needs. Many of our courses include this type of training as exercises within the programme and we also provide exercises for organisations to teach and test their staff from office first aiders to multi agency emergencies. We often hold exercises to train first aiders at their workplace so that they can practice reacting to an emergency exactly as they would for real – whether they are first aid trained office staff or multi agency major incident teams. We will clearly discuss your requirements, goals and objectives with you upon booking the course to ensure that the casualty simulation we provide fulfils your needs and will work within your environment.

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Course Information

What the Course Covers

Our CASSIM sessions vary entirely due to the needs of those taking part. As such our team can createa range of pulse-raising scenarios in vehicle accident scenarios. From road accidents with crashed vehicles to casualties hidden in the hills for your team to search for and treat, or simulated illness in your canteen. Talk to us, we are very experienced in this area and can usually suggest something suitable.

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone who has an interest in maintaining skills, learning loads and wanting to avoid sleep during training!

How Long Does the Course Last?

From two hours to multi-day

Where is The Course Held?

Mid Wales

Your UK Workplace

What Qualification Is Provided?

Certificate of Completion

How Is the Course Assessed?

Instructor Assessed

What Is Included With the Course?

All Training

All Materials

Course Specific Handbook

Various Resources & Challenges

Further Information

When we carry out a simulation for our clients our team takes care of everything to ensure there is no disruption or mess. Our training staff will discuss your needs, develop a training scenario then arrive a short while before the start to set up and prepare the location. All the onsite emergency equipment (fire extinguishers/first aid kits etc) are temporarily replaced with our own items so they can be used in the scenario as required.

After the simulation the participants are debriefed and our team then set about cleaning the area, removing our kit and leaving it exactly as found.

Once our team have understood your training needs they will put together a believable scenario that could occur in their environment. Once the location has been arranged the team will put together a package which takes into consideration the following; the number of casualties required to test the group effectively, safety issues, and a means of ‘activating’ the simulation in a way that recreates the stress of real life. The team will also factor in time for debriefing the participants and incorporate any training or skill refreshment that may be required to make the exercise worthwhile.

Subject to suitability this kind of training can take in a range of venues – we have a history of running simulations in laboratories, schools, mountainsides, roadways, pool sides and even in Slovakia and Turkey. The key is to make the simulation as close to real life as possible and to use a location that reflects the aim of training is paramount – that is why our team are happy to go anywhere.

Whatever the duration of the event all of our scenarios and our staff run to a viable script to ensure the incident has an explanation and the exercise becomes more than placing bandages – if the participants ask the right questions they will uncover symptoms, casualty history and understand the events which led to the situation.

To completely immerse the attendees in this kind of activity the right equipment and clothing must be used – the key is in the details. Our staff have a massive resource of equipment to hand including computers, chainsaws, vehicles, kayaks, parachutes and clothing of every description to enable them to dress the scene accurately. It can all be used as the trainees see fit at the time.

Our casualties are the heroes of this work. Ready to be utilized as the scenario dictates our large team of ‘casualties’ have been specially trained by CRT to ensure they can act according to the medical and story needs in a range of environments. All of our casualties are first aid trained to ensure they can recognise and react to effective or ineffective care without direction to keep the simulation moving fluidly. They work extremely hard and are fundamental to the excellent reputation and training that we supply.

One of our make up team will co-ordinate the preparation of our casualties and ensure their injury or illness are realistic and capable of treatment within the simulation. They will also dress the area with special effects such as fake broken glass, loud bangs, crashes and blood.

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