Personal training is often fundamental to concentration, understanding and recall. Our staff always take the time to find out about their students work, family and recreational lifestyle and whilst we attempt to tailor all of our courses to the environments of those partaking in them, we understand that in some situations this is not enough and a completely bespoke solution is required.

Whether you want training to highlight a specific risk or event, to fit in with unusual activities or because you simply cannot find courses that cover the topics you need – we can help.

The majority of our work comprises of bespoke courses for recreational and professional groups across many industries and our clients find that our systematic approach to learning in a relaxed atmosphere helps them to meet their aims again and again. Nothing works better to prepare you for emergencies or looks better in your risk assessment that having a professional training course delivered specifically for your needs.

First Aid Training Courses

Our Chief Instructor is approachable, flexible and will happily provide no obligation course outlines and quotes. If you are not entirely sure what you need simply give him a call and he’ll talk it through with you. Our training team have a broad background both in medicine and life at large and can often highlight issues in your industry that can help your training be more effective.

We are a professional training provider and simply will not provide courses if we don’t fully understand the topic ourselves – though we have not had to turn anyone down yet!

Take a moment to call our team, ask for the Chief Instructor and you will probably be surprised at what we can do and how well it is priced – 0800 310 16 16 – you can also take a look below and find out more about the kind of bespoke packages that we have put together and what could be possible!

Available Courses

Course Title Course Location Date Duration Cost Spaces Book
None currently available.

Group Bookings Available! If you wish to make a group booking or to discuss tailoring this course to your requirements, please get in touch! Contact Us

Some of the bespoke training we put together for clients

First Aid for Runners

Equine First Aid

Epilepsy Course

Advanced Mountain Medicine

Forestry Injury Course

Spine Awareness Day

Rescue Team Simulations

Sports Injury for Rugby

Labratory Simulation

Diabetes Course

Remote Workers Course

Divers First Aid

Our team members have backgrounds in…

Law (medical and general)

Military Medicine

Medicine (Doctor/Surgery)

Sports Injury

Professional Driving

Biological Sciences

Police Careers


Physical Training

Labratory Research

Geographical Sciences


Expedition Medicine


Professional Driving

Our team members have personal interests in…


Expeditions and Travel

Long Distance Running

Outdoor Life

Emergency Planning



Competative Sport




Science and Nature


Mountain Biking


Our Additional Courses

Medical Gases

Medical Gases

Sports First Aid

Sports First Aid

Woodland Injury Self Help (W.I.S.H) Course

Woodland Injury Self Help Course

Event Cover

Event Cover

Annual Training Options

Annual Training Options

Bespoke Courses

Bespoke Courses

If you have any questions about any of our courses, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 310 16 16 or Contact Us