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After nearly fifteen years of teaching and medical care as CRT medical we have decided to hang up our stethoscopes and retire at the end of the summer.

CRT is as busy as ever but with small children and some other projects keeping us busy we have simply decided to downshift our lives so that we can spend more time at home. It has been a fantastic journey from start to finish and we are extremely proud that the clients that chose to train with us more than a decade ago are still coming to us for their training. We are proud to have grown almost entirely through personal recommendations and in addition to teaching people all over the UK our clients have asked us to follow them to work in Canada, Turkey, Ireland, France, Kenya, Senegal and Jordan. We have taught people in English and other languages and learners from as far as The Netherlands and Nepal have come to us to learn. We have also treated thousands of casualties at home and abroad.

We will always be appreciative of your support and the many kind words that have been fed back to us over the years, we know that most of our learners have travelled a significant distance past many other providers in order to train with us every three years and that compliment has not gone unnoticed. We will always remember with particular pride the letters from those of you who have thanked us for helping them to find the skill and confidence which has allowed them to provide lifesaving care for their friends and family.

Thanks also to our friends and staff who have assisted us in many ways to provide the highly professional experience our clients have come to expect, their enthusiasm and skill have inspired many including us. CRT has provided us with opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and we have made long-lasting friendships, we actually met during a CRT course!

All the best,
Russ and Karen